Basics Internet Marketing

Basics Internet Marketing

Internet marketing

Internet marketing is an umbrella term for the wide variety of marketing and promotional techniques that take advantage of the online medium. Anytime a company builds a web site, creates an email list, publishes an electronic newsletter, or buys ad space from an online publication, it is engaged in Internet marketing. While countless techniques are available to the marketing professional, there are several main elements of Internet marketing that almost any company can use to its advantage.

The Web Site

Any company looking to promote its products or services online should make a professional web site the cornerstone of its Internet marketing plan. Think of a web site as your company’s online equivalent of a brick-and-mortar store. In order to do business successfully, you must establish a location where your customers can come to buy your products or services. The same applies to Internet marketing: the online shopper or browser needs to find information quickly and reliably, and a company web site can provide all of the details that a potential customer may need to make an informed decision.

Web sites are different from “real-world” locations, though, in that they do not need to serve as a virtual space for actually conducting business. You may decide that your kind of business is not suited to online transactions. In that case, a web site can serve as a valuable source of information, such as how to contact you, what kinds of products you sell or services your perform or what kinds of experience your company has in its field.

Of course, many businesses do sell online, and if you decide that direct selling is the best use for your site, make sure that it takes advantage of the latest technology available for listing products and processing orders. Nothing will hurt your Internet marketing efforts more than a site that cannot perform the tasks you need from it.

Getting the Word Out

Once you’ve established your Internet presence, you’ll want to spread the word. Like Internet marketing, website promotion covers a wide variety of tools and techniques you can harness to promote yourself online. Depending on the markets you plan to target, you may want to make use of email lists, an electronic newsletter, an onsite bulletin board or chat room, or a collection of information geared towards potential customers.

You will also want to consider whether you want to attract potential customers from one or more of the many search engines available online. If you do, you’ll want to make sure that your site is optimized for search engine placement. You can hire a consultant to help with this task, or roll up your sleeves, do your homework, and optimize your own site.

Directories provide yet another means of promoting your site, and many allow listings for the free or low cost. Check into local directories as well as those focused on your type of business.

Internet Advertising

While the bursting of the dot-com bubble a few years ago …

5 Marketing Solutions To Get More Clients

5 Marketing Solutions To Get More Clients

Marketing Solutions To Get More Clients

Last night I attended a networking gathering. Many of the entrepreneurs attending were just clueless on what it really took to get clients. This was so sad because most of the time the simple basic everyday marketing solutions will create more clients for you. I found it did for me. I actually got really curious with the people I networked with and kept track of the mistakes they were making. Today, I’m providing you with only the solutions. By focusing on the solutions, you don’t need to know the mistakes (who wants to focus on mistakes anyway).

I bet you’re great at what you do and you just can’t wrap your brain around the marketing thing. You don’t need fixing and it’s not your fault. Because you’re so good at what you do, you’ve just not had the time to study the marketing part. This will be so simple and the fix is fast. You’ll make a success of your small business in the snap of a finger. You’ll be able to experience marketing success in no time. I promise!

If you really want to know how to have more business, bigger success and greater satisfaction, let me show you 5 marketing solutions that will do the trick for you:

Marketing Success Solution 1

Get a crystal clear vision of what you want for your business. Have the following in that vision: How many clients do you want? How many hours a week do you want to work? Better yet – how many vacations do you want to take? What does your new home look like and where do you want to live? What is your client’s biggest problem? How did you get the clients you have now (but ONLY your favorite ones)? What is your definition of success? What income do you want to have in the next year?

Marketing Success Solution 2

Now is the time to take all the information in your head and write it down in the form of a plan. Think of it this way…you wouldn’t leave on vacation without knowing where you’re going, would you? It’s really not fun to sit down and write out one of those long dry as toast ‘business plans’ that everyone else thinks we should do. A business plan needs to be something we can resonate with and create it a form that supports our fun side. So, not to worry, I’m not having you create on of those 30-page dossiers – because I stand behind the simple, fun, fast way to get the job done and get more new clients. Along with your vision and a simple written dynamic plan you’ll know when you’re on track. Now, you get to start making decisions about how to spend your time and energy so you’ll hit your mark.

You’ll make a success of your small business in no time flat, by including the following: the services you offer, the products you offer, the …

HOW TO: Grow your email marketing database

HOW TO: Grow your email marketing database

Grow your email marketing database

By what percentage do you wish to grow your B2B email marketing database?

What methods will you use to do this?

What is the expected cost of the time and other resources needed to do this?

Set an annual budget for list-growth tactics and integrate it with your marketing budget.Once you have a clear idea of the numbers you need to attain, you can move on to achieve these through third-party acquisition and organic growth.

Third-party acquisition

If you already have a prospect database, one of the best ways to grow it is to work with a data supplier to clean it up, enhance and append it. This can be done in several ways:

If your database contains names and postal addresses but not email addresses, your data supplier can match your file with a permission-based email database, and provide you with email addresses.

A data supplier can append additional demographic information to your database. This can be used to build a profile of your prospects so that your email campaigns are much more targeted and successful.

Gather intelligence from your existing customer base to help identify ‘look-a-likes’ that are similar to your existing best customers. Your data supplier can use this information to identify new prospects with similar characteristics.

To fuel the growth of your B2B email marketing lists, you will need to make your email campaigns work harder for you. Think about the touch points you can put in place to interact with and grow your database.

Organic growth

Organic growth is all about using your touch points with potential customers to collect their email addresses. These touch points might be online, such as on your website or social media, or offline, at industry events or through telemarketing campaigns.

The key is to optimise all touch points to encourage the cold prospects you’ve contacted to opt-in to receive further information. Remember, prospects that have opted in are the most responsive to future marketing communications. So find out what they want, when, where and how they want to be contacted.

The best way to encourage prospects to provide this information is to give them something they want in return. For example, white papers work well in the B2B market. Make it easy for them to sign up, don’t ask for too much information, and make it worth their while. Then begin your email relationship by sending them a brief welcome message.

Combine quantity with quality

Of course, growing your database is just the first step. For your B2B email marketing campaigns to be successful, you need to ensure that the messages you send to your expanded list are relevant, engaging, well designed and personalised. Even with a large database to target, you still need to apply the best-practice rules of email marketing if you are to maximise your response rates. In fact, these rules are more important than ever when targeting cold B2B prospects.


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Marketing Tips – Why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) necessary?

Marketing Tips – Why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) necessary?

 Why is SEO necessary?

The playing field is equal on the Internet irrespective of the size of the business and hence Search Engine Optimization becomes so necessary. Most surfers arrive at a particular web site after a search. About 75% of web users in North America use search engines performing about 4 billion searches in a month. Briefly put, search engines are responsible for directing visitors to a website. Sadly, not many business owners know how to get their web sites listed in the databases of search engines, nor do they know how to get their site a higher rank when related key words are searched for.


How SEO works?

Several e-commerce sites face the problem of shopping cart abandonment. Web sites face an average abandonment rate of 30% or more. The main reasons for shopping cart abandonment are: If a website has to be listed in a search then either it has it to be submitted or has to be among the ones indexed by search engine robots (bots) that travel across the web in search of web sites to add to their database. In order to rank higher, web sited must be optimized appropriately.

The ranking is important from a statistical point of view as in the first site listed on the results page of a search engine is visited by thrice the number of people than the fifth site, result sites found on the first page of a search are visited 78% more than the ones found between 11th and 30th. Having the correct key words and a high amount of link popularity is the key to SEO. The higher the frequency of the keywords and the higher the number of links to your site especially from similar websites, the better the ranking.

Search engines like Google look at links for a web site as validation. More validation means that a web site is listed higher in search results, provided it is well optimized. A few companies try illegitimate techniques called “black hat” to increase rankings by building link farms. The companies make these farms by creating numerous websites usually of similar content all linking back to the main site. However, web sites using this and other black hat techniques always run the risk of being caught and not being listed in search engines at all.

Web Sites with graphic content can be optimized to suit search engines, as the latter are incapable of transforming pictures into words. However, this problem can be overcome by placing key words in a concealed but recognizable code (known as alt tag) connected to each image and by providing small captions above the images.

Another type of hidden text known as meta tags can be inserted into the web page code for eg. page header, description and key words found in the web site. Although search engines don’t consider them as that important these days following meta tag abuse, any type of optimization helps the web site. Another way to …

Find out what it takes to optimize your website | Website marketing software

Find out what it takes to optimize your website | Website marketing software

Website marketing software

Website marketing software is an application that helps SEO specialists optimize the traffic ranking. In general, higher traffic is the primary purpose of any website marketing software, but the application is very complex because the entire SEO process (the acronym for Search Engine Optimization) demands the accomplishment of various tasks in order to complete an SEO procedure for a single website.

Since SEO has turned into the most fashionable and profitable online marketing strategy, software developers strive to release on the market, the most performant website marketing software. Usually, this kind of solution meets the requirements of SEO experts but may be an interesting marketing alternative for marketers who take charge of the marketing department of a company.

There are companies, which promote their goods and services exclusively online, therefore, the performance of the website marketing software is crucial. However, the optimization strategy that ought to be correlated to the website marketing software plays also a leading role. Since this type of application is dedicated to marketing, the offer comes into a wide range of formats. Usually, the website marketing software is directly connected to the website.

The website marketing software stands for that form of advertising which works behind the scenes. Even if, at face value, website marketing software performs automatically various tasks according to traffic indicators, it takes time and knowledge to manage successfully this kind of solution.

A comprehensive website marketing software may include the following applications:

(1) keyword research tools; (4) traffic monitoring solutions; statistical tools.

Depending on very specific demands of SEO departments, various tools may be added or even removed so that users can focus exclusively on the SEO tasks they need to perform. Furthermore, providers developed separately solutions for the corporate division and the application for the basic division.

By corporate division, we mean all online marketing businesses that took over the marketing division of various companies that preferred to outsource this segment, whereas the “basic” refers to standard options for small-size companies, which consider that online advertising can bring the business to a higher level.

Website marketing software is that application that can set into motion a very performant marketing strategy. However, as it has been mentioned before, a software cannot replace SEO specialists, simply because, an application cannot make decisions but can streamline the entire optimization process.

Manual SEO procedures were pretty laborious, therefore, a website marketing software can help SEO experts save time with very meticulous tasks which, up to this point were energy-consuming and time-consuming. Nevertheless, this sort of externalization does not minimize the control over SEO as a comprehensive process. In conclusion, a viable website marketing software is reliable and performant. In addition, several versions cover the manual application of basic SEO tasks.

All in all, website marketing software seems to become a mandatory application in terms of online marketing, for that very reason many software companies develop extremely sophisticated applications in order to attract prospective customers.


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