3 Tips on Using Links in Your Email Template

3 Tips on Using Links in Your Email Template

3 Tips on Using Links in Your Email Template

Links are a way of increasing the amount of credibility to your product, newsletter, and to your organization. They are also a good way to increase the amount of content that you have in your HTML email. Links are basically endorsements that come from various sources on the internet like blogs, video clips, or internet articles.

These endorsements are usually made by people who have used the product and have something good to say about it. Now, these people can be either everyday people or celebrities. When the endorser is a celebrity, you not only end up with something to beef up your content but you also end up with a strong voice of expertise that many people will gravitate to.

Links pose some special constraints on your HTML email template. This is because your email template will have to be modified to include sections and special points of highlighting. Use the following tips to figure out this activity better.

Prominence. This is an often disused piece of advice. In most cases, you will have to negotiate some kind of agreement before you post material from someone else’s blog or video log on your website. Once you do this, the other person would expect a certain amount of prominence to be given to the link in your HTML email.

Therefore, when you are using an HTML email template for the purpose of links, choose an email template that contains a few types of highlighted sections to the left or right borders where you can place the link prominently with an image of the endorser if possible.

Placement. There is a certain art that goes into placing the link in the correct place. This is because you need to connect the content with the link. Imagine an article on golf clubs and just at the point where you mention the number of people in the world who use a certain type of golf club, you have a link to a video of Tiger Woods endorsing your clubs.

This creates a powerful impact and takes your product to another league of excellence.

Impact and call for action. This is an important “next step” in most newsletters. When you have an article or a piece of content that is extremely compelling and rouses the desire to act upon the subject of the article, placing a link right after the article can be very effective.

If this link is something like signing up for a petition, then the link can contain instructions for signing up for the petition or even further reinforces the need to act.

All these tips are only effective if you choose the correct HTML Email Templates

for your mass email. There are many instances when just using one standardized email template ends up constraining design creativity to the point of ruining the effect of links in HTML email. Remember to always give a link its due respect and remember that links …

How To Be Successful With Affiliate Marketing

How To Be Successful With Affiliate Marketing

Online Marketing

One of the business models that is becoming increasingly popular with the advent of the internet is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a performance based marketing program that tries to promote a brand, service or product with the help of a network of marketers. Here the affiliate members get paid for promoting a particular product or service.

To get paid,

the affiliate member should successfully perform a specified action. It can be making a sale, fixing an appointment for the sales representatives, getting a new membership signup, etc. The parent company specifies what needs to be done and what will be the payment structure for successfully accomplishing the tasks.

Today almost all products and services are using affiliate marketing as one of their major marketing strategies. As a result the market is filled with hundreds of affiliate programs and thousands of affiliate marketers from various industries. Affiliate marketing is found to be highly successful with B2C marketing rather than B2B marketing strategies.

If you want to set up an affiliate program to promote your products and services, you need to do enough ground work so that you are successful with your affiliate marketing program. When you set up an affiliate program, you will be spending your time and money.

The time and money you spend should yield some results and if they do not yield any results, then you would have wasted your time as well as money.

Before you set up your own affiliate program, you need to make a survey of the market to identify the top affiliate programs in your niche. This will give you insights on setting up your own affiliate program.

Though there are several affiliate marketing programs, not all of them are equally successful and not all affiliate programs get enough members. So it is best to review the most successful affiliate network programs and to learn their characteristics to imitate in your program.

Secondly, you need to identify an affiliate manager or a program that will manage your affiliate program. There are many affiliate management services in the industry so you do not have to come up with your own software or program. You can easily subscribe to one of the most reliable affiliate management program and save your time and money.

Once you have identified your affiliate management tool or program, the next step is to come up with an impressive affiliate program. You need to carefully review your competitors and see what they are offering to their marketers and you should out do them to attract affiliate marketers. You will be successful if you keep your affiliates well motivated. The motivating factor of course is the commission you are offering them. Make the goals simple, direct and straightforward.

When the program is easy to follow and the goals are practically achievable, you will get many affiliate marketers joining your network.

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